Aurum Cantus Liesure 2 SE Speakers

Does anybody have tried or auditioned Aurum Cantus speakers from China? Any positive or negative comments?
Hi Jerlitz,

Don't have the Leisure 2SEs but have heard them and their big brother, the 3SEs rather extensively. I have the AC V3M which is in between the Leisure and Volla series.

Quite nice sounding with the ribbon tweeters displaying especially quick and life like sound. Superb fit and finish - very good VFM. Ribbon and woofer work well together after a few short hours (5-10). In my experience, the 2SE has a relatively limited vertical sweet spot - symptomatic of many ribbon tweeters and more or less 2-3ft up and down from your seated reference postion. That said, when your in the sweet spot, it is sweet indeed. The 3SE sweet spot is limited as well but, in comparison, noticably bigger.

Not sure what finish you're considering, however the Burr Oak is simply gorgeous - WAF is simply not an issue!

Hope this helps.

I had a pair of 2SEs for a while and liked them a lot. As Garryh says of his V3M, the woofer and tweeter integrated very well and the highs were unusually pure, extended and sweet. The low end was about as good as I've heard from a small box. It was a very non-tiring speaker to listen to, in some ways more satisfying than my current Triangle Titus ES, and I would have kept the AC 2SE if my amp had not really been more comfortable with a more efficient design.