Aurum Cantus ....anyone heard them?

I've noticed some postings in other forums about these speakers.Especially the AURUM CANTUS LEISURE 2. From what I gather these speakers compete with the Red Rose Music RoseBud II. Has anyone auditioned or own these? If so whats your impressions? Also how many WPC needed to make them sing? I believe these retail for $900.00 but can be had for less.The RoseBud II(Levinson's company) is $3500.00 retail.Here's a link for those who haven't seen them.

Any an all feedback appreciated!
They are OEM for Red Rose!
Thanks Cdma
I may just order me a pair if thats the case.
Aurum is making them for Red Rose also. However, I do believe that Levenson is rewiring them and putting in his own crossovers. The drivers and cabinets should be the same. You can find them for around $450. Maybe less if you want to cover shipping from hong kong? Don't expect a warranty.
Since drivers can be ordered online.I am really not concerned about the warranty.I think I read some where theses are upgraded thru a company here in the States as well.Parts quality looks pretty good as they are thou.
i heard the AC L2Ds at my stock form, they are underwhelming in sound but look fantastic...i believe an owner in colorado got a pair of L2SEs which had an improved crossover and an upgraded woofer yet was still not all that impressed with them so he sent them off to Rick Craig of Selah Audio to have the crossover reworked...after receiving them back, he found them to be much more to his liking...
Hello Fmtien....I had a fellow Agoner nice enough to email me with his impressions of the SE version as well.He likes them so much he's dumping his Nautilus 805s! Thanks for the info..I am looking at the SE upgraded version.I may go this route and see what happens.

Thanks again !
People who have heard the Aurum speakers... care to describe its sound characteristic? Warm or bright? Just curious... since there is no way i can audition them but they look BEAUTIFUL!

based on the AC L2Ds i heard, i would describe them as recessed, but smooth. certainly not bright.

i can certainly understand your friend dumping his N805s...i've never been a fan of the N805 or any b&w i've heard for that matter...too bright and thin sounding...that nautilus tweeter is fatiguing to listen to for long periods..
They sure look like the Usher line of speakers...also made in Asia.
I have the AURUM CANTUS LEISURE 2. I bought them from someone in NY. They sound phenominal. They have a really smooth sound with a sweet midrange. They use a very expensive ribbon tweeter. This ESG ribbon tweeter costs like 300 dollars. They use a 5 inch carbon fiber midbase. They definitely need a sub for bass. I'm using a Velodyne HGS12 sub with them. This combo sound amazing.
heard the aurum cantus leisure 3s in hongkong recently,new model has 6.5inch midbass and improved crossover.sound fantastic nearfield without subwoofer or farfield with rel velodyne etc.local price of 3s is 4500 hongkong dollars
Tried them in various set-ups.

The ribbon tweeter is magic. Absolutely magic. But to make it sing like it´s supposed to I would recommend power. Lots. ML 432 was a really good match IMO. The 5" bass driver does make the Hz to make the leap to the tweeter - but it´s by a hair.

You get a good overall job with the two drivers, but I did get the feeling that the speaker was slightly adjusted to play out the most upon the upper mids and the tweeter. Not the most detail, but pleasing. Easy listened and engaging - not much to complain about. Other than that if you put it up for complex music, such as orcestral music, and play loud - you can tell that there is a gap betwen the drivers. Also because of the focus on the upper mids and tweeter, you can´t get much bas out of it. For ex. male vocals can tend to be a bit on the thin side. The 5" bass can´t do major bass outputs and match the tweeters gentle highs all at once. Forget J. Cash for ex.

Sum up:
Upper octaves are world-class IMO. Good stage and imaging. Female vocalists and jazz or other soft music is the match. If you wanna play loud or orcestral/complex music and still aim for good detail you would have to get a sub. Otherwise good speaker that looks great!

Give a listen. Recommended.