Aurum Beta S, Wood version?

What are the differences between the Clearaudio
Aurum Beta S and the Aurum Beta S Wood? I couldn't find any info on the Clearaudio site besides specs. Would someone point out a site that can show me the differences between the two besides specs?

Thank you for all of your help.
They are the same cartridge with the exception of one having a lead alloy top and the other a wood top. The cartridges are the same only the mounting portion is defferent,
I had a brand new Beta S wood just a few months ago. The wood top is suppose to give it a warmer sound compared to the metal housing of the original version. Of the MM cartridges I have heard, it was clearly the best overall. But I also found that I am more of a MC kind of guy. They just seem to have more life, emotion, and more dynamics in my system. Results probably depend as much on your gear as anything.

FWIW, the guy I sold it too wrote me like five times telling me how happy he was!!!! I know why. In his system, it probably was a revolation compared to what he was using prior.

I have one also.
Only recently, in Clearaudio's Manufacturer's comments to the recent table/arm review (Emotion/Satisfy, I think) in S'phile, and somewhere else have I read that they are now making all MM carts available in metal or wood bodies.

TO add a question, what tracking fore yuo guys using?
manufacturer says 2.2...

Gene Rubin, the proprietor who sold mine to me suggested 2.0

any opinions?