Aurrender N100H vs. A10 ?

Hi all,

Is the N100H the sonic equivalent of the A10, but just without the DAC? I have a Yggy DAC with the Gen 5 USB and was interested in replacing my Auraliti PK90 USB with hopefully a N100H, but was wondering if the A10 was better (not counting the internal DAC). Thanks.
I'm really only interested in the N100h. I was just wondering if the A10 is a N100h with a built in DAC?


I do not know the differences between the Aurender N100h and the Aurender A10.  Since you have not received a response on this forum,  I suggest you call Aurender and ask them to describe these difference. 

As I noted above, I continue to recommend you call Aurender for information on the Aurender A10 vs. the Aurender N100h.

I did a Google search on this topic and suggest you review the  results I found below:

"Upping the ante on ease of use is Aurender’s latest offering – their A10 is  a server/streamer with in-built DAC whose twin AKM4490 chips decode to dual mono analogue circuitry.   The A10 is a N100H with a DAC in a full width chassis”says Aurender’s John Paul Lizars".

I quickly scanned the above and, while it looks very informative, I continue to believe you should call Aurender, or your local Aurender Retailer, to discuss these two products.   This is an important decision that I believe requires more discussion with Aurender or one of their retailers.   I hope this helps.  Please let us know what you decide. 

Thanks for those links.

As it turns out, after 14 years I needed a new car. So my hi-fi budget will be curtailed for a while. I'm going to keep my eye on the N100h as well as the SOtM SMS 200 Ultra which looks interesting as well.