Auris Audio D1D DAC Users?

Anyone have experience with these guys? I have seen YouTube and reviews on some of their other products but nothing specific to their DAC- D1D or D2D. They look pretty sweet, but how do they perform or match up to other DACs in the same price-point.  Any input would be most appreciated. 
I assume this is because partsconnexion has them in on sale at a tempting price.
I would be interested also in anyone's experience with them.
Uber-That would be an accurate assumption. My hesitation is the lack of reviews online and the attractive price. It's pretty sharp looking and their other products from what I gather are well received. 
Moon audio sells the Serbian -Audi’s brand very well built equipment 
all built and tested in house I was very impressed hearing the tube amp,preamp 
with the D2D dac very natural sounding setup.
yeah, like said, they look great, but had a hard time finding specific reviews regarding their DAC. Wound up with an iFi Pro, sounds great when I am staying connected to Tidal Via Mconnect.