Aurios Pro for speakers on carpet

I'm thinking of getting two sets of Aurio pros for my speakers. The only problem is I have carpeting through out the house. What should I use under the Aurios to support the Aurios? Speakers are 75lbs each. Thanks.
I formerly used Aurios supported by marble square tiles from Home Depot on flat weave carpeting. If you are starting from scratch, for almost no money, try Herbie's Audio Lab "Big Fat Black Dots" (how's that for a non-appealing product title?) on same marble square tiles.
Comparable, or better, results are possible, from what I heard in two of my systems. The tiles can be granite or even maple, when using either Aurios or Herbie's Big Fat Black Dots, if your intuition leads you that way.
Some of us are not the carpet piercing type.
I use 16x16 inch granite tiles, available at tile stores. I keep the finished (shiny) side to the floor for easy sliding when I want to adjust the speaker position. I've used original Aurios in this manner under many sets of speakers up to 100 lbs over the years, always with excellent results. Sonically preferable to spikes, I believe. You can also experiment by "sandwiching" other materials over the granite tiles, or between the Aurios and the speakers themselves. I've used wood, cardboard, rubber. As usual in hi fi, everything makes a difference, sometimes a difference I like.
I may be wrong, but with speakers, isn't the whole point to keep them from moving when they vibrate, as opposed to isolating them from outside vibrations? I think the last thing to do is to put them on aurios, which would allow the speaker to move whenever the woofer fires. Try spiking them through the carpet direct into the floor. I have used aurios pros for an equipment stand and for individual components.
I have Aurios Pros under my Kharma speakers on carpet, and have found it to be a big improvement in dynamics. I placed marble tile on the carpet first, and then the Aurios on the marble. I do not know the dynamics of why i works, but the speakers on carpet sounded muffled, even with the special spike stands that come with the Kharma speakers, which are very high quality spiked feet which directly attach to the base of the speakers.
I have Aurios under my LP12/SME 309/Clearaudio Titanium and find that they make a considerable improvement to the sound. But I have to agree with Disc placing under speakers seems counter intuitive to convention speaker support philosophy in that allowing the speakers to move should not be permitted. I have my Electra BE1007's connected to my custom built, steel sand filled 100lb stands via Bluetack and then spiked through the carpet to the hardwood floor.