Aurios Media Ioslation Bearings- yes/no?

has anyone tried these? I read a positive review in one of the magazines- Stereotimes?? They supposedly isolate horizantal microvibrations well.
These removed a level of microphonics in my system I didn't known I had. The image focus and top-bottom/front-back soundstage improved immensly. Definitely recommeded. I tried them on marble as suggested by Vistek but found their performance enhanced when placed on my existing Rosinante Dark Matter Shelves. The double tweak combo is blowing me away. In my case decoupling makes sense since I am in a wood rack on casters then carpet which also has a large TV on top. I treated my SCD-777ES and then my Bel Canto EVo amp. Worth every penny. Also has reviews in Soundstage (monthly col.) and Stereotimes.
Forgot to mention, I got mine from Delve Audio. Oliver is a fair and honest dealer. +++++
Hey Mikeg- what do use the Dark Matter shelves for (under which components?), Also, how much $ are they- best place to buy? Thanks
Sutts, the Dark Matter Shelves are used under both 777 SACD player and Bel Canto EVo digital amp. I use the EVS Attenuators as passive preamp which is connected directly to back of amp (shelves not needed for separate preamp). Best price I have seen is from Tell ___ Hart you were referred to by me. They would be about $400 each if two are purchased together.