Aurios Isotone Bearings

Anyone have any experience with the new Aurios Isotone bearings yet? I am particularly interested in how they stack up against the Aurios Pro and what configuration of Isotones makes the most sense. I need to decide whether to buy more Aurios Pro or Isotones, so I am glad for any input.
Heavy Items such as Speakers and Amps should be be used with the Aurio Pro's. I've heard people using the new Isotones under source components because it allows for movement in horz and verticle plane.
I tried a set for a few days under my Ikemi CD and it was the first time I had ever had the player skip. I tried them under my P25 and I couldn't walk in the house because of the skipping but I did hear a tighter quicker bass. So maybe if you have a concrete floor, but then what would be the point?