aurios isolation and espresso

I was curious if anyone had the same experience I've had.When I placed three aurios media bearings under my gran gaggia espresso maker the flavor of the coffee took on a greater depth with more detail in the low dark range and the aftertaste had greater resonance.Any feedback is profoundly appreciated.Ciao.
I would try the Audioquest sorbothane feet if you prefer a a lighter and sweeter effect.
Thanks thsalmon I will give it a go.I forgot to ask what power cord others might be using for their machines.
Have you got any science to back that up? How about DBTs? Do we have to spit out like in wine tasting (disgusting, if necessary habit, I guess). If not, I am not sure that caffeine saturated testers may not go at each others throats. I have long ago advocated the use of air fresheners in listening rooms, since sound is basically the movement of air, I surmise that making that air smell nice also makes it sound nice and, threfore, should be an added balm to our senses. For Italian music, let's say Paolo Conte, the smell of espresso would be great. Pleasing to the nose, palate and ear, what more could you want?
My experience with the "Bigger than a fireman's hose" Power Cord is the coffee becomes very dark--the backround just seems completely black and there's absolutely no grain at all.
You'll get better results with a dedicated circuit for your machine rather than a high dollar power cord. If you can't do the dedicated line, think about a PS Audio Ultimate Lab Cable. It's thick and unwieldy, but the total lack of bitter aftertaste is worth it.
Audiopoints,and Sistrum platforms ratio's are designed around the Coulomb's law of physics. Placing Audiopoints under my microwave increased it's effciency and allowed me to decrease my popcorn popping time by about 12 seconds. The same is probably also true if you were to place Audiopoints under your expresso maker. Just think you could enjoy the caffeine buzz seconds well as benefit the environment.
You guys are so full of crap. I tried the Aurios bearings under my gaggia classic and could not taste a difference. maybe my taste buds are screwed but that is just junk the high-end coffee machine dealers try to screw you with. yeah, right, "more detail in the low dark range"... Get a decent grinder if you really want to improve your espresso.
The water.

You forgot the most important component: the water!
Normal distilled water, or mineral water won't do.

The water has to be from the top of some remote, god-forsaken, mountain glacier. Sealed and transported to your doorstep in a foil-and-mylar covered, EMI-shielded, teflon bag. The final trip from the refridgerator to the coffee-maker has to be conducted by a virgin. The water is then poured into the coffee maker by virgin hands.

Try it.
The coffee will taste different.

Seriously, though, folks, just get a Brita water filter, eh?

I plug all my kitchen appliances into a Hydra. Coffee is smooth and acid free, toast is always golden, and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice has just the right amount of tang without harshness.
My Hydra and Aurios make my coffee too rich and smooth. Creamy, even. But it's amazing what anti-vibrational properties cutting out espresso all together can have on your whole system...
I get along with tea.
Any suggestions on tweakin'?
Aurios will also help if you decide to make Cappuccino instead, and an earthquake hits while foaming the milk. Otherwise, it will be way too frothy!
a teaspoon of Jack Daniel's gives more anti-sleep punch indeed.
Is Water really a "component"? Yes, it is an integral part of a rich, satisfying brew, but a true component, like the Gaggia, or the Krups grinder?
Benny, are you or have you ever been at any time associated with Brita filters, or any of its principals, subsidiaries or affilited companies or with a virgin? Come clean now. Endorsements should always come with such a declaration, sworn to on the head of a virgin.
Your all lame, everybody knows real coffeephiles brew their stuff on a campfire in a pot! forget the exotic blends, good old maxwellhouse over a wood fire, something to do with the low btu wood fire, smoother taste etc
...yep, a real listeners also listen to unplugged music...