Aurios and Tungsten balls

I recently got a set of Aurios( the small ones)1.0 which came with the Tungsten balls for each device. Are these balls supposed to be just placed on top of the Aurios. I find that the balls will not be centered but will roll to one of the sides of the Aurios off center. Should the balls be used or should I not be using them with the little aurios. Thanks for your help.
You will have one of the best isolation devices when you get the balls centered. Their is a very small depression in the center of the screw that holds the Aurios together. I use 7/16 tungsten carbide balls and find that if you are careful they will stay in that depression. You will, however, have to have a level shelf to use the early Aurios. I have never done it, but you might super glue them once in place.
Tbg, is it possible to turn the Aurios upside down, so that the tungsten ball seats itself in the small opening on the "reverse" side of the Aurios? Or, would the function be impaired when turned upside down?
Lastly, where is the source of these balls at a modest cost?
I tried putting the ball on both sides of my Aurios and found that when the Aurios was upside up the ball tilted to one side of the screw head or the other. This made alignment impossible. When I tried turning the Aurios upside down I found that the small indent that can hold the ball very unstable in that the ball rolls off very easily and the use of the balls are difficult if not impossible in my situation. When I install one Aurios with the ball on top of the upside down aurios the ball will roll off as soon as I try to install the next Aurios device with a ball on it. The devices work extremely well in my aplication and I am pleased but I cannot figure out how to use the Tungsten balls. Any help would be appreciated.
Listener57, yes use them upside down. It make no difference in the performance of the Aurios. If you want tungsten carbide balls, which I strongly recommend, I know of nowhere cheaper than McMasters/Carr, at least if you can get them at wholesale prices there. This usually means buying them in quantity. I bought 56 balls.

Mitchb, the ProAurios and the newer Aurios have a large depression or hole where larger balls will not so easily come out. I do find, however, that the old 1.0s outperform the newer Aurios as the race depression is shallower. This means they are very sensitive to a level surface and that they are freer to move if need be. You can with a level surface use the balls, but you have to be very careful. If you can, remove the unit place the Aurios with balls and carefully lower the unit into place.
I have not tried it yet but since the balls don't move, you might superglue them into place.
Tbg, Thanks for the info regarding Aurios.
I have been using an anti-slip isolation pad from Audiogon member Rcreations beneath each Aurios 1.0, and, in some other systems, an additional circular vibration absorbing footer (no name on this footer) on top of the Aurios, which is an exact fit within the upper rim of the top of the Aurios. That way when I manipulate the mechanical switches, and buttons on my components there is no tendency for slippage with the smooth machined Aurios surfaces.
Although I have not done any perfectionistic, comparative listening tests for these extra layers touching the Aurios, there is a clear, musical reproduction which is very enjoyable in any system with the Aurios as part of the support system.