Aurilac Aries and KEF LS 50

I want to streamline my complex system and am thinking a Auralic Aries and KEF LS50 speakers might be the cats meow. Any thoughts?
An Aurlic Aries is a streaming engine sans amp, preamp and dac. 

So are you inquiring about the LS 50 wireless and the Aries?

If that is the case the latest software update allows for direct Tidal streaming so if Tidal will work for you you wouldn't need an Aries.

The LS 50 wireless are very good speakers for the money, are they a true high end rig for $2100 no they are not, but for the money they make  a nice secondary rig. 

If you have a complex rig and want to slim down, the best course of action would be to look a streaming amp/dac combo such as Naim, or NAD or Hegel and other similar products a few other manufacturers make.

By having a streaming amp you now can get rid of a dac a streamer and a separate amp and preamp or integrated. voila from a lot of pieces down to one.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ