Auricaps vs Dayton caps

Searched Auricaps and keep running into Auricaps along with Dayton caps labeled as if they are Auricaps. Is that confusing enough? Are they now the same product? Thanks.
No, they're not the same product.
Physically its quite easy to differentiate between the Auricaps and the Dayton Capacitors, Auricaps have a Yellow wrapper with Green filler and stranded copper leads covered with red/black insulation. Dayton Capacitors are fitted with a Black wrapper yellow filler and solid uninsulated leads. Dayton caps are only available through Parts Express however they sell Auricaps as well which are available form several resellers

Both are excellent caps, I use both in my crossovers and my electronics, the Dayton capacitors are an excellent value.

There are differences in Polypropylene film capacitors, generally the higher the voltage the better they preform however in my opinion there are little difference
between a 250V cap from lets say Dayton to a Solen to a Audyn to a Jantzen etc they are all made basically the same way.

Capacitors that are housed in cylinders made from Aluminum or PVC in place of wrappers like the Sonicaps MR series the Jantzen Silver and Superior and the Mundorf generally preform better but cost quite a bit more.

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