Auricap XO or Dynamicap?

I have a N.E.W P3 (Cary) tube preamp. Made in the late 90's.
It currently has a pair of Multicap caps.
The preamp is point to point wired so swapping the these two caps is easy. I'm considering replacing these caps with either cap type mentioned above. I read about V-caps, and various teflon caps but prefer to keep the cost of the pair below $100 so that rules out the exotic stuff.
Anyone have any experience with the caps I mentioned above and can suggest one over the other.
Thank you :)
Have you considered Jensen ?
Or Audio Note?
Or Mundorf? What values? If you feel like treating yourself someday I highly recommend V-Cap CuTF. They are unbelievably amazing. Every application I've added them to has increased performance in every way and at least two fold overall - not exaggerating. Of course, results may vary depending on where in the circuit you place them and how much that cap affects the sound. They are certainly pricey, but have been well worth the cost in my experience.
I need 5.0 uf at 200 volts
Have Dynamicaps in one amp and they are a little bright.
My other amps have Mundorf silvers, fantastic for the money.
A great choice would be Obliggato Gold, not as good as Mundorf. Better than Dynamicaps.
Forgot to address the Auricap.
Not as good as the Obliggato but better than the Dynamicap.