Auricap Upgrade for Belles 21A

Anyone know if the Auricap upgrade for the Belles 21A pre-amp uses the same sized cap as the stock unit? (15uF 250V is what's in there now)

I called Belles, but he discouraged me from doing the mod and wouldn't tell the cap size.

Auricaps at that value come in 200v or 400v, so I'm also wondering which voltage the upgrade used.
Isn't that pre bright enough as it is?
He wouldn't tell you the cap size ? What a d**k. There's a guy on another forum right now with two old Belles amps with high DC on the output. He contacted Belles to ask for schematics and Belles refused the request. I can understand not releasing schematics for current products, but not stuff that 2-3 decades old.
Mine were upgraded with 2.2 mic 400V. You may want to upgrade diodes and main smoothing cap for primary power supplies.

You will notice a dramatic difference in layering and depth but it will take about 300 hours for the caps to run in.
Sounds Real...
It's not bright at all, where'd you get that impression?

Anyway, thanks for the info Wig.
Now, anyone know where I can get a replacement remote for it? A previous owner spilled something in it and only the volume works now (not the power or mute).
Of course David will sell me a new one for $50! No way I'd pay that much for something that probably costs less than $10.