Auric Iluminator CDP Compatiblility

I was a little skeptical, at first, about putting this cream on my cds. How long will it last? What about buildup if I have to reapply? Just the fact that I'd have to reapply, is a drag. Anyway, I buy it and do my cds. There is a definite, positive, audible difference. Now heres the catch. I buy my new Audio Aero Prima CDP, and Tony, the guy I bought it from, tells me (after finding out that I coated my cds with this stuff) to wash all my cds, pronto. My player doesn't require it, and it will have a deleterious affect on my music. He is dead on. I've washed a hellava lot of cds this past week. I'll keep doing the black ring thing, but no more wax. I don't understand the reason, but my music, with the Prima, sounds better without the gel. Anybody have this experience? If you've upgraded your CDP, like I have, wash as couple of cds with a little Joy liquid soap. A drop or two will do it with cold water. You may be in for a real sonic treat, and then a lot of (easy as pie, though) CD washing.
I have the Capitole 2 and do agree that the Auric gel doesn't do anything to improve the sonics of the Capitole. I have not gone as far as to wash all my CDs that I coated. I don't neccesarily hear a loss when I apply the Auric, but I don't hear the big time improvment I used to hear when I used it with my old Wadia player. I'm glad, that stuff is a pain to use anyway.
wash a couple and you'll DEFINITELY hear the difference.
Auric works best if the discs are damaged and / or your player is bright sounding. If you don't have either of those problems, i wouldn't recommend using it. I have only used it on discs that were damaged or sound HORRIBLY bright / glaring sounding.

Personally, i'd love to hear some "techno-geek's" explanation as to how a creme can effect the sound of a laser retrieving data from a disc. I know that it does, as i've used the treatment, can hear the difference and have documented the increase in readability of damaged discs. Sean

PS... For those of you that think I am a techno-geek, think again : )