Auric Illuminator on CD's

I tried the A.I. on the CD's & was quite please with the outcome. However when I played some discs which were treated a few weeks back they started skipping quite a bit. Sometimes they would even skip across tracks. It is to be noted that the CD does not skip when the disks have just been treated with the liquid, but only after storage for a few weeks.

I tried washing the disk to remove the liquid ( marked edges with black still remaining ) & replaying them but still the skipping was persistent.

Now I am afarid to apply this to anymore disks. Has anyone elese faced this problem?
I use Record Research Labs Shine Ola.
Works great-no residue.

Don't know AI, but something is not right.
Never heard of this problem...laser alignment issue?? Used AI for years unti I discovered Nanotech treatment out there right now.
Never had any problem with skipping after using Auric Illuminator, but using it has stopped the skipping on a few discs. I assume that you are getting it polished off good when you apply it. To remove it for good, wash the CD with Dawn dishwashing liquid. The marker on the edges can be removed with rubbing alchohol. Be sure to use something like the polishing towels that come with the Auric Illuminator to wash the CD's and remove the ink from them so that you don't get any scratches.
No skipping problem with A.I., either. Just the black ink from the pen can rub off of the outer edge of the CD, from repeat handlings.

Larryken, why do you like the Nanotech 8500 so much?
I'm assuming you're using the new (clear version) of AI. There was a thread recently on Audioasylum about the new version "clouding up" some CD's. I've used both the old (blue version) and new and did experience some clouding on some discs, although I have never had a disc skip. I think that you need to apply the new version very sparingly (a little goes a long way) and make sure that it is very dry before you buff it off. If you've got cloudy discs or are experiencing the skipping, I'd suggest totally removing the AI (and the marker) using one of the AI cloths and some isopropyl alcohol, then rinsing with tap water. I would then reapply the AI (frankly I'd skip markering the edges-I no longer do that). If you have further problems, I'd contact Audience personally and post back what they have to say. I am still using the AI (I like what it does) and have had no problems.
Ditto - no skipping, been using for quite some time.

Need to set the record straight, to be fair to the manufacturer. I found what I was doing wrong. As HDM has pointed out correctly, you need to apply very little ( read less than a drop ) & let it dry for at least 5 minutes. This takes care of my skipping problem.
I did write to Auric before posting on Audiogon but they did not bother to reply. Thanks anyway for the valuable advise.