auric illuminator, effective? disc beveling?

anyone have experience with the auric illuminator or the cd sound improver disc beveling system? was wondering if either of these products improve the sound of cd's?
I know that the AG forum archival query system leaves a lot to be desired, but as others have said before: "You really need to do your homework and search the archives".

For the record, the below is THE definitive AG thread on media preparation:
auric illuminator definitely works
I'll split the difference. I think it works but the improvement is so slight that it isn't worth the bother. Dave
It's short money to give the Illuminator a try..I use it and like it...Hooper swears by his AudioDeskSystem beveler.....tweaks can be fun if you hear a difference and you like the difference.
thanks jeffcoat, your link definitely does a good job or providing excellent information...
I've never tried disc beveling but in my system, Auric Illuminator makes an improvement at least on some discs. It is especially noticeable on Sting CDs. They often sound sibilant and this improves that aspect of these discs. I imagine that the better the CD player, the less it would matter.