Aurex CD mat

Any members using this product, how do you like it and what benefits do you hear? I am considering trying this, although in the past other mats like CD Blacklight, Marigo
Crossbow etc did not produce any noticable improvement for me. Also these mats sometimes slid off Cd when drawer closed
requiring recentering. What are members thoughts on this?
Megasam, as far as I am concerned, save your money for something else. I used the Aurex mat a short time and decided that it was too great a pain to use after having to fish it out of my player with tweezers several times. If it sits in my player (Cambridge CD4SE) even a few minutes after the cd stops spinning, it warps and often gets stuck in the player when the drawer opens. I was also unconvinced that it made any aural improvments. Slight at best, if any. If you still are interested after reading this, contact me and I'll make you a real good deal!
Photon, thanks for response. You would think that with all the different CD mats on the market some members would be using one. I have never had any luck with the ones I tried, and just checking to see if this is any different. Would like to hear from any members who use this mat or any mat
I cant say I heard any improvemnet with the mat but what it did do was help prolong the use of my old Sony 608ES CD player which i use as a transport. The old workhorse began to skip regularly until I began using the mat. Why?