I have a Korean car, watch KDramas and even listen to some KPop, but I don’t get what Aurender is doing.

I’m currently in digital hold given that my new Holo DAC died, but intend on listening to my IFi Zen stream and look at upgrade paths.

Some of the most respected members of this forum swear by Aurender, so it must deliver, but here is my point of confusion:

1. Coax and AES are the preferred outputs, but higher bandwidths require dual AES out, but I don’t have dual in on my DAC.

2. Aurender’s top models claim to have great clocks, so why not pass this on to the DAC via I2s?

3. Top Aurenders accept external clocks and I assume this is used with a DAC that accepts external clocks, but why bother when I2s would take care of this?

4. The argument against I2s is that there isn’t a standard, but this isn’t a problem in most implementations.

I’m sure that I have misrepresented things above, so please correct my understanding.



As usual, your contribution is on point, but personally, I have a few stops along the way prior to deciding to spend enough to buy an upper level Aurinder with the better clock. Additionally, I question if my DAC is of sufficient quality to be able to benefit from an upper level Aurinder. When I purchased the Holo, a DAC without the ability to sync with an external clock, I did so with an eye to using the I2s input and relying on the streamer’s clock, but the devil is in the details.  When you squared away my analog, my new Macintosh DAC had died..since repaired and within two hours of turning on the Holo, it died.  I'm now wondering if I'm offending the analog gods by going digital.

@audiotroy You need almost no CPU to be a roon endpoint.  the core is usually on a stand alone machine anyway.  Aurender doesn't do roon endpoint because they compete with roon.

@baylinor Apologies, in most posts I do mention that I am an authorized Aurender dealer. I missed it this time. That said, I purchased my N30SA prior to becoming a dealer. Sometimes I prioritize being an audiophile first and was not intending to promote Aurender and try to make a sale. Vonhelmholtz and I have had many discussions personally, and I was simply responding to him directly. He knows I’m a dealer, as he has purchased from me in the past. 

@vonhelmholtz FWIW, yes the higher end Aurender’s have better clocks, but as @oddiofyl states, even with the N200 he prefers coax. I did not sell him that unit, but I did provide his coax cable.

Also, I meant to say +1 in support of a master clock. My T+A unit already has a masterclock built in, and does not accommodate any external clocks, otherwise I’d be looking at one myself!

Just to make sure that I understand the terminology used. When purchasing a high end Aurender with a high quality clock, does this singly describe the stability of the clock, or are there other factors that contribute to the "high quality"?

Fairly new Aurender user here.  Have the N200 in a speaker system and the N150 in a headphone system.  Use an Android phone in both with absolutely no problems.  Sound is glorious in both systems.  Could not be happier that I upgraded.