Aurender VS Innuos

Hi All , I am moving from PC Audio to a music server . I have kind of narrowed it down to an Aurender N100H-4TB or a Innuos Zen-MKIII . I really don't have the option to audition these so I will depend on a return policy .
I would rather get it right the first time and skip that trouble . 
I was leaning toward the Innuos but I just read in the new issue of stereophile the complaint about the OS for the Innuos not being very good ( lots of hassles ).
This kind of contradicts all I have read about it and the Aurender . I don't really care so much about the Cd ripper on the Innuos. So, the important thing to me is sound , and then the software issues .
 I know we all have different systems and I am willing to take all with a grain of salt .
The biggest question is---- anyone have or heard both and can you give me an opinion .
They were talking ( Innuos Statement review in Stereophile ) about the new software coming out soon  
Is it out now ?
Thanks so much--Steve
PS-- System
 Copland 305 C--Preamp
Pass XA-25
PS- audio Directstream Jr . Dac
Speakers-- Reference-- 3A- Taksims
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If you don’t care about CD ripper or Roon Interface, then Aurender N100H is a better choice over Zen-MKIII. N100H sound and build is top notch, their proprietary Conductor app is very stable, easy to use and well laid out. The customer service is also exemplary. 
Thank You lalitk----- That's what I needed to here . The Aurender has a lot more positive  exposure and I do think what you pointed out were the most important things to me . Don't really care about roon too .
would certainly ...if possible...audition a Lumin X1 ...which is the same price point as the Innuos...
Hi Calloway, My friend has a Lumin and it does sound very nice .
Two things though-- one , I don't need a Dac and two , I want on board storage . At least 4 TB .
I hate to muddy things but have a Zenith MKII by Innuos and am very pleased by the sound, and I haven't had any issues with using it. In fact, the one or two questions I have had along the way were answered very promptly by Innuos. To my ears, the Aurender seems to do a great job with the upper half of the register and the Innuos seems to be bottom-up, so maybe that info is of help to you.
I suspect either will be a great choice, but wanted to share my two cents!