Aurender S10 vs Olive HD6

Did anyone compare these players with eachother?
How does the Olive 06HD do it in real life? How does it compare with his rivals?
Today I received the Olive 06HD. In will write a review in about 1-2 weeks of time. I also bought the brand new Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder with the brand new improved XLR connectors. And the powercable is a Purist Audio with the Furutech F/E50. It really blew away all my expectations.
Congrats , I also got the Olive 06HD along with the 04HD.
I got mine back in March of this year.
Tell us how you like it.
Thanks, I will send my review to Audiogon in about 1-2 weeks. I love it so far!
did you read my review? Did you have some issues as told in the tread?