Aurender question regarding which tablet ?

I recently bought an Aurender N100C. I haven't received it yet, but in the meantime I need to buy a tablet to navigate it.
Samsung - Galaxy Tab A7- Will this work ? I'm assuming this is an Android tablet ? As much as I love the convenience of computer/digital audio....Its hard for me to comprehend all the technical terminology that I'm not familiar with.
Any and all help for a long time/old in the tooth audiophile would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Buy a 1st generation IPad wi-fi for 150 bucks. Makes a great remote. I had a N100 and a A10 and work perfect. 
I second or third the ipad for the aurender and it is the only apple device I own.  Functionality between the two is just more refined on ios. Doesn't need the latest and greatest or a ton of space - the 32gb model for a remote is fine.