Aurender N200


I was hoping to get feedback on the Aurender N200.   I have a Bluesound Vault 2i that honestly has been great but I am looking for a significant bump up in sound. Will be using with a LAB 12 DAC which accepts USB class 2 output and has coax also.  I really like this DAC , although I do have the opportunity to trade up within a year so that's to be seen if I do that.  I find myself mostly streaming and want a great sounding stand alone streamer that won't be outclassed if I upgrade the DAC.   Any opinions of this unit would be appreciated 



I have used Roon and really don't need it , the Conductor App is easy and fairly intuitive.   I am not adding another subscription,  I have enough thanks 

I demo'd a product a few months ago in a Roon environment and wasn't impressed , and it didn't sound great, ok but not great.   And it should have,  was it the system or the source ? Not sure but I wasn't wowed

Update on problems with signal lock,  I was away for a few days and left the system unplugged.  Returned , powered back up and the problem with signal acquisition was gone.   I really like this DAC, that was a weird and frustrating problem.   Hopefully it is gone for good

Yes, it's strange but hopefully it won't reappear.   It was super annoying,   which was really annoying because it sounds so good.    Gremlins.....

I was curious about how Tidal would sound through it.  I had activated the MQA license just because and was curious how it would handle files with it “ON”.   

When I play a MQA track into my non MQA DAC it identifies the sample rate as 96k on the DAC but the Aurender says “44.1k MQA “

Any insight into why ?   Does it with higher sample rates too.  Basically reads 2x on the DAC