Aurender N100H with PS Audio Directstream DAC--USB output level is very low--any ideas?

I pulled my Aurender N100H out of storage to try with my PS Audio Directstream DAC.  The only output of the Aurender is USB, and when I put it into storage 18 months ago I didn't remember the output being so incredibly low.  I basically have to turn my pre-amp all the way up to get to normal listening levels.  I can't seem to find any output settings/volume leveling in the Aurender software (and don't remember them when I used previous versions).

I have rebooted all systems and ensured all software is up to date.  I have also ensured the USB input volume on the Directstream is all the way up.  Through a mac mini connection the same USB connection has a much higher output level...and pre-amp volume is "normal" as expected.

Any ideas?  Am I missing a setting somewhere on either the Aurender or the Directstream?
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Call Aurender, they have great customer service.
Are you sure there isn't a Mute set somewhere? I had the same issue on my Ayre Preamp. It took me a day to figure it out.
No, the mute works on the DAC anyway, and can't find anything like that on the Aurender.  I'll give them a call, thanks.
Are you sure you are using the audio only usb connection on the Aurender?  If you are using the other one, that could account for the low volume. 
Tried all 3 usb connections and the same result with each, but I was definitely using the one intended for Audio first.  Thanks for the idea.
What volume level is your PS Audio DAC set to?  I kept mine at 100. Don’t set it high if the DAC is direct connected to your amps
It’s at 90.  It’s too low even at 100.
So the Aurender team was able to identify a mismatch in settings specific to how it was using USB to the Directstream...the tech noted it was odd they hadn't found this situation before with the combo as they suspect it's a pretty common combo.  

Anyway, all fixed--I appreciate the recommendation to call them.