Aurender N100h owners

I just picked one up a week ago and it sounds great but I think the VU Meter display kinda sucks. The “needle” jerks around in a very unnatural way, not fluid like with real ones. I know it’s really just for looks but I was kinda looking forward to the McIntosh look. I’ve got an email into their support, firmware is up to date. Anyone else having this problem?
My N100H does the same thing too...
Same here.  Probably not enough processor power for them to run smoothly.
reply from Aurender support: 

VU meter is mainly cosmetic.
We do have a plan to make it smooth, but we don’t have exact schedule.

OK, in other words:  never!  :)
I have the N100H. What possible function do the VU meters have anyway? It is as silly as McIntosh sticking a VU meters on their turntable
If McIntosh came out with a toilet equipped with an integrated sound system (which I suspect is right around the corner-the toilet seat will glow in blue translucense) I bet it would have a VU meter attached somewhere. Maybe to measure output! But back to the Aurender, there is no conceivable reason for a music storage device/streamer to have output meters. The screen is primarily there for displaying the artist and title and the clever engineers got carried away a bit with functionality. 

As a happy owner of an Aurender N100h, I fully agree with @fsonicsmith.

Well, his McIntosh rant is quite another thing altogether...... :)