Aurender N100H Mods

The fact that Aurender runs Linux makes changing the system difficult but I have managed the following. 

Convert a 220v unit to 110v for US service and back the other way is relatively easy. A few wiring changes. 

Upgrade boot and SSD music cache from 120GB mSATA to faster and larger 256GB mSATA is possible but not for the novice. 

Upgrading 2TB HD to 4TB now. 2TB units have their 2nd drive pins omitted so to go larger you can’t add a second drive. Need to replace the smaller drive with a larger one.  Needs to be formatted or cloned to conform to Linux. 
OK, upgrade to cache successful and upgrade to a 4Tb Baracuda HD completed.  Actual size shown by Aurender 3.6 Tb.  
That is really kool (I could never do that), but ill bet most people who can afford to buy a Aurender dont feel comfortable taking it apart like you did! #ballz....ROFL

Matt M
I’d never try it with an N10 but I was fortunate to buy a 220v N100h cheap. There just fancy computers. I knew it contained a dual voltage transformer so adapting it to US voltage was easy. The Linux operating system makes it more difficult to play with boot discs and hard drives but with a little research I was able to clone the boot drive and copy the HD partition to a larger hard drive. 
it'd be great if you could post tutorials somewhere and link them here, or write them here as posts. 
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It’s been a while, I’ll need to pop the top off of mine. Have a swim meet to go too. Can it wait until later today?
First, confirm your wiring configuration.I remember the 220v version had 4 positions on the input side of the transformer. Going left to right I designate them wire position 1,2,3,4
If I recall there is a wire from the plug going to position 1 and 4. A jumper wire bridges positions 2 and 3
Ok, the input at 220v has 4 wires. The din connector has 7 slots only 4 are actually wired. Slot 1 Black, Slot 7 White and a Bridge wire connecting slots 3 and 5. Correct? Looking from back going left to right on the Din connector. 

Transformer should be Amgis S8/L01-6371

Conversion to 115v. 

Black wire to Slot 3 ( looking from the back left to right)
White wire to Slot 7

The bridge wire is removed.  Only two connections. 

I don't want to scare you, but you should know that the Seagate 4TB drives have a very high failure rate (upwards of 20-30% failure rate):

Even the DM000 model has a failure rate of 2-3.5%, which is still very high.  Interestingly enough, the HGST hard drives are very reliable.

This has been a known problem in the industry when the hard drive manufacturers started pushing out hard drives in excess of 1TB (such as 2TB, 4TB, etc.).  The 1TB has been the largest drive that still retained the reliability of the older drives.  Obviously, this was not a well published fact as vendors are still pushing larger drives and consumers just want bigger and bigger as time goes along.

If you study this chart, make sure to look at the "drive count" column.  Even though Toshiba may appear to have a 0% failure rate, 45 drives is not a good enough sampling for this.

Thanks, I kept my original drive just in case plus maintain a running backup of the data in case I need to change out the drive. 
May I know how did you replace with the SSD? I have a W20 and would like to replace the OEM 240g with a 250g 860 EVO. Can it be just done by a clone dock?
I used a Linux based program to clone the partitions and content.  I believe it was a program called GParted but there are several. I think Clonezilla May also work.  The key is Aurender is running a Linux based system so you need to use a Linux program to clone or a Windows based program but it needs to be able to clone a Linux system/partition.  Mine had three partitions. 
What’s great is it’s easy to test.  If your clone boots up it’s good to go. Sometimes you need to play with cloning parameters.
I’ve recently used Disk Genius which is free to down load. Do a sector by sector clone of the original SSD them expand the last sector which is the cache area to use all of the remaining space if your upgrading to a larger SSD. I converted my N10 from a 256gb to a 512gb ssd


  1. I recently took your information and upgraded the memory in my N100SC, & N100H. I ran out of room on my 4 tb drive in my 100SC, so I purchased a new 8 tb Samsung drive for it and taking the 4 tb and putting it in the 100H. Can you tell me what type carrier you used to install the SSD in your unit? I’m also interested in changing the 120 go drive to a bigger one also, but that’s next months goal! Thanks in advance for the information!

I’m not sure I understand the question. The 100H uses a laptop HD or similar sized SSD. Either bolts right in to the carrier provided by Aurender. As long as it’s a laptop drive it’s plug and play.