Aurender N10 sort by artist out of sequence

My Aurender N10 is not sorting my Tidal albums in correct sort by artist sequence. For example, the letter H albums are listed after the letter A and albums in letter C and D are mixed up, etc.   I emailed Aurender Customer Support and also logged an on line support request and waiting for them to respond.

This is the 2nd time this error has occurred on my unit and I am concerned. The first time, Aurender found and deleted the single Tidal album causing the sort problem.  

The incorrect sort occurs when sort by artist is selected. As was suggested, I logged into Tidal on my Mac computer and the sort by artist sequence was perfect. I deleted the Aurender App on my iPad and re-installed. I still have the problem.

Anyone else having this problem? Another other suggestions?  Thanks. 
My sort by artist problem is solved.  I manually scanned every single album I marked as a favorite.   I noticed the Sabra Dance album had no content. I deleted it and my albums are now sorted correctly.  A miracle.   

As per my above post, I sent an email to Aurender Customer Support suggesting they review their App API since it needs to do a better job handling Tidal albums with metadata and content problems. Aurender needs to handle all incoming Tidal metadata correctly including possible content errors.

I know this is probably not the highest priority for Aurender but it should be added for their review in the near future.

I was told that Tidal album content disappears when Tidal no longer has the streaming rights to the album contents. For example, Tidal lost rights on David Chesky records and Claire Martin. Peter Gabriel is also one of them and also a very limited albums by Phil Collins.

How does the Aurender App handle Tidal albums that are missing content or have metadata problems? For example, my Sabre Dance album was missing content and it caused my sort by artist to get messed up.  I emailed this question to Aurender.  

Obviously, missing album content is a problem that the Aurender App needs to be aware of and handle correctly.   

Please see response below from Tidal Streaming:

“I have sent your message on over to our development team for consideration.

While I cannot provide an immediate response confirming the status of your request, please know that feedback like yours is truly appreciated and helps us shape TIDAL to fit the wants and needs of our Members”.  

I selected the Tidal sort by artist on my Aurender N10 and they are out of alphabetical sequence for the third time.   The last time, one of my albums had an an album cover displayed but no content.  I deleted it and everything was okay.   It seems Tidal loses the licensing for an album, removes its content but the album cover remains (should also be deleted).

This time, I discovered 4 albums had album covers and NO content so I deleted these albums.   However, my albums are still out of sequence.   The problem is shown below:

1.  okay
2.  okay
A  okay
B  okay
C  okay
D  okay
E  okay
F  okay
G  okay
H  oaky
I   okay
J  Section contains J albums on one letter L album (I deleted this album and installed it again.  It still appear here).
k  Okay
L  Section contains L albums and one letter P album
P  Section contains 7 Letter M albums
M  Section includes five letter M albums, one letter J album, 3 letter N Albums, one letter O album and 2 letter P albums
N  Section includes three letter P albums
O  Section includes one letter P album
P  This section is missing and is listed out of sequence above.
Q  okay.  No albums listed. 
R  okay
S  Okay
T  Okay
V  Okay
w  Okay
X  Okay
Y  Okay
Z Okay  

I turned off my iPad and restarted it (power down and on again).  My albums are still out of sequence.  I scanned all my Tidal albums and confirmed they all had content.  I switched to stored CD’s and then to radio and back to Tidal.  My Tidal albums are still of out alphabetical sequence.   I doubled checked my Tidal albums from Letter I through letter P for content and they all have content.  Based on my past experience, it seems the Tidal content might be messing up the Aurender sort but I do not understand how.   I also do not know how the Aurender handles sorting of Tidal albums.  

I emailed Aurender and requested their help.  

Based on my previous sorting problems, I am guessing the out of sort by artist sequence problem might be caused by the content of some Tidal albums but this is just a guess.  The strange thing is, it seems, I am the only one experiencing this sort by artist problem.

Is anyone else having this problem?  Go to your Aurender, Tidal tab and select sort by artist.  Please review your album sort by artist sequence.  Any other suggestions?