Aurender N10 sort by artist out of sequence

My Aurender N10 is not sorting my Tidal albums in correct sort by artist sequence. For example, the letter H albums are listed after the letter A and albums in letter C and D are mixed up, etc.   I emailed Aurender Customer Support and also logged an on line support request and waiting for them to respond.

This is the 2nd time this error has occurred on my unit and I am concerned. The first time, Aurender found and deleted the single Tidal album causing the sort problem.  

The incorrect sort occurs when sort by artist is selected. As was suggested, I logged into Tidal on my Mac computer and the sort by artist sequence was perfect. I deleted the Aurender App on my iPad and re-installed. I still have the problem.

Anyone else having this problem? Another other suggestions?  Thanks. 
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Its been suggested this is a Tidal issue with them displaying the wrong information alphabetically to the Aurender API they use for their Tidal integration. 

If the Tidal metadata is corrupted on one of my Tidal albums, how do I find that album using my MAC computer?   In other words, I can log into my Tidal Account on my MAC Computer and scan the albums.   How do I determine the album containing the corrupted metadata, or some other similar related problem, that is messing up the Aurender API used for sorting?

Is anyone else having this problem?   Go to your Aurender, Tidal tab and select sort by artist.  Review your album sort sequence. 

I don’t see any albums out of sequence in my Aurender app. May I ask for one clarification, do you experience sort sequence error on Tidal or albums stored in your N10? 

I do recall you importing lot of Apple Music on to N10 internal SSD, maybe one of those albums contains bad metadata throwing off the sort sequence by artist.....
I logged a support request with Tidal.   I am hoping they can help me identify the corrupted album that are causing this sort by artist problem.  

I am also going to delete the last few Tidal albums I added.   


Thanks.  The sort by albums sequence problem ONLY occurs for the Tidal albums.   The sort sequence for my stored CD albums is perfect.   The first time this happened, one of the Tidal albums had corrupted metadata and Aurender Customer Support deleted it and the problem was solved.