Aurender N10 or X100L

Hi all,

My audio system consists of :
-Amp: Mcintosh MA8000
- Speaker : Dynaudio K5.4
- Mutech 3+ USB etc.

I have used a laptop to feed the system and all sounded OK.  Now I would like to replace the current laptop with an Aurender Music Server for better quality, but I do not know which model will suit to the system N10 or X100L. N10 is of course better than X100L but is it  too expensive for my system? 

Your advice all will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Best Regards


Is there a reason you're not considering N100H? Unless you need more than 2TB of storage, N100H is a better server due to its full linear power supply. 

I owned N100H for 6 months before upgrading to N10.  
Hi lalitk,

Thank you for your advice. I need more than 2TB of storage (up to 4-5TB), that's why I take X100L into consideration instead of N100H. 

Could you please share me your own experiences on N10 which has been praised so much online? I like it very much in spite of its  high price. But do you think it is "overpriced" to my current audio system?

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"do you think it is "overpriced" to my current audio system?"

Only you can answer this question. You do have a nice system to boot, adding N10 will definitely enhance your listening experience. The overall improvements I heard in the soundstage between N100 and N10 was enough to justify the $8K price tag. 

In my system, N10 sound is transparent, neutral, airy and unforced. Vocals are rich and often seductive. It's a well thoughtout server with amazing build quality. Plus, you are not limited to USB connectivity.  The iPad app is best out there.  

If you already made up your mind to get N10, go for it. However, common sense dictates to check out the competition at this price point. I did audition, Antipodes and Lumin my ears, Aurender sounded the best. 
Thank you for sharing your pratical exprience!