Aurender N10 or Auralic Aries G2 (+ Auralic G2 Master Clock)

It is a matter of now (June)  for Aurender N20 and then (September) for Auralic G2 Aries purchase debate.

While I received a very tempting offer on the N10 (20% off). I was admiring the Galvanic Isolation (double) inside the Auralic G2 Aries (Aurender doesn't). Plus the dual Femto clocks in the G2 that covers both USB and Spdif connections (while Aurender's OCXO internal clock only works for Spdif not USB). Not to mention that Auralic has a wider software support (Aurender uses a single app called Conductor). Auralic G2 can pile up a stack of a streamer+master clocker (assuming I own an dac-Integrated amplifier) which might cost similar to the N10, 3 box dCS like setup but cheaper. 

What do you guys suggest ? 
I’m not impressed with the Aurender gear.  Really liked my Auralic Vega, however, I’m smitten with my Lumin S1 - Streamer and DAC in one.  Gorgeous sound!
I’m not impressed with the Aurender gear.

Have you tried the N10 or G2 in your system? If so, what were you "not impressed" by? Thanks.
I have had an Auralic Altair connected to a PS Audio Directstream DAC and connected to an Auralic VEGA, and also owned an Aurender.  The Lumin S1 is much better, but for the price difference it should be.

I have owned a Aurlic Aries G2, owned Aurender N100 and W20SE, as well as auditioned the N10.. I found the Aurender to sound better, easier to, use, better support.