Aurender MQA update worth it?

I updated my firmware the other night and noticed the $50 upgrade option for MQA unfolding at the streamer level. From what I could tell it unwraps the MQA "goodness" and streams at a higher resolution to the dac. My dac is not MQA capable but I'm an avid Tidal user so curios if anyone has any experience with this upgrade.
Yes.  I also upgraded my Aurender N10 Music Server to use the MQA option.    I recommend you do it.  
MQA is just gimmick and it is scientifically proven. If you are hearing a difference it is because it is a different master or placebo effect. Read this article if you have few minutes.
$50 I would update. MQA is a lossy HiRes streaming. I has Qobuz before and I generally feel SQ is better Tidal MQA. But Qobuz cost me 20 Euro vs $9.99 for Tidal Hifi MQA (student discount). So I switch back to Tidal. I am using Oppo 205 so MQA decoder come with it.  So far, I am very satisfied.
MQA update worth it
One word, from everything legit and not affiliated I’ve listened to/heard of/read/and tests of MQA ????????? And that’s it, it’s not even worth one word.

And if you remember Aurender 1st dac with MQA was tested by Stereophile to hobbel anything without MQA encoding, and they said it was faulty when pulled up on it, YEAH RIGHT!!!!! a company submits a something without checking that’s faulty which can make or break them, "pull the other one it plays jingle bells."

Cheer George