Aurender MQA update worth it?

I updated my firmware the other night and noticed the $50 upgrade option for MQA unfolding at the streamer level. From what I could tell it unwraps the MQA "goodness" and streams at a higher resolution to the dac. My dac is not MQA capable but I'm an avid Tidal user so curios if anyone has any experience with this upgrade.
I added the MQA upgrade on my N10, and it was definitely worth it.  I know MQA is controversial for some, but it sounds very, very good on my system.  At this level, to get a significant performance increase for just $50 is a great deal.
Thanks for the feedback, I'll give it a try. For the coin you probably can't go wrong.

I second mmeeks100's assessment: definitely worth it. I've upgraded both of my Aurenders (N10 & X100L), so best $100 I've spent....
Yes.  I also upgraded my Aurender N10 Music Server to use the MQA option.    I recommend you do it.  
MQA is just gimmick and it is scientifically proven. If you are hearing a difference it is because it is a different master or placebo effect. Read this article if you have few minutes.