Aurender iOS app


I have recently purchased N10 and having issues with aurender ios app. The app doesn't recognize the N10. I have reinstalled the app and rebooted the N10 few times. Everything seems normal on the unit, IP address and LAN connection are all ok. But the iOS app continues to look for N10 and then gives up.

Another issue i see that N10 ip address doesn't pop up in my list of network devices on my laptop?

I have reached out to support and they are trying to troubleshoot remotely, due to time difference it's hard staying up late to keep up the tech support.

I am wondering if anyone here had similar issue with the setup.

Appreciate your feedback and time.
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The Aurender support came back with a suggestion to connect N10 directly into my modem instead of using powerline adapter. Well, what do you know, it worked. I find it bit strange cause the same setup worked for my N100H.

One of the gentlemen from A'gone was kind enough to extend his help and suggested to use airport express so i am off to bestbuy. Thank you Dave and Aurender support!
I am considering the Aurender N10 and need it to connect to my Ethernet over power connection using the Linksys PowerLine Home Plug AV Kit (PLSK400).   My MAC Book Pro computer works perfectly being connected to my Linksys PowerLine Home Plug AV Kit (PLSK400).

Based on the above post, are you saying your Aurender N10 will not work using your power-line adapter?   Has anyone gotten their Aurender N10 to work with a power-line adapter like the Linksys PowerLine Home Plug AV Kit (PLSK400)?

Did Aurender explain why your N10 will not work using a power-line adapter?  Was the problem with your specific adapter or the N10?
I was using a Netgear power line adapters (6 years old), may be they didn't have enough bandwidth.  

The Aurender manual and support team strongly recommends AirPort Extreme for streaming.  Since i have installed AirPort Extreme i have not experienced any issues.  No drop outs or connection issues. 

I know another fella on Agon is using AirPort Express with N10 without any issues. I chose to invest in Extreme simply due to better features -

-4 Gigabit Ethernet ports vs 1 Gigabit port
-Creates dual-band WiFi networks (a/b/g/n)
-3x times faster than 802.11n

To me it was a modest investment considering the price of N10. 

Hope this helps!
lalitk,  Thanks for the info.  Since am already using the Apple AirPort Extreme, I should be okay.  Unfortunately, I do not have a strong W-Fi connection in my living room and plan to buy the Apple AirPort Express to extend the range.

Do you have any comments on the Aurender N10?  I m currently using a MAC Book Pro computer with an external hard drive.  As I was told, I need to copy all my music from the hard drive to the N10.  In addition, I am a fan of Tidal Streaming and need to transfer my eating albums to the N10 unit.  I have no clue how to do this.

hgeifman, Having owned both N100H and N10, if money is no object; I would pick N10 over N100H. To my ears, N10 delivers in spades through AES/EBU or SPDIF connection. The overall soundstage is more transparent with velvety mid range, oodles of micro detail and dynamics are top notch.  I listen to lot of Jazz and classical, with singers like Diana Krall, Claire Martin and Agnes Obel, the voices are pure and emotional, like they are in room with the musicians. 

The Aurender app is pretty slick, browsing music and copying files is super easy. Just connect your hard drive to one of the N10 USB inputs, N10 recognize the connected drive immediately and app will prompt you to either listen files stored on NAS or copy the files over. It took me about 25 minutes to copy my 5000 plus files. The files on Tidal is also a snap to copy them over.  Just open your Tidal playlist and the app will prompt you to copy them on to N10 hard drive. 

IMHO, The Aurender makes the best streamers money can buy.  And tech support is second to none. I do wanna say this, N100H will give you 90% performance of N10 at 1/3 the price. If you can, listen to both and then make a decision. 
I just switched from Macbook to N10. Works great, with Airport Express providing the wireless connection to my Ipad. Be aware, it does not have wifi capability of its own- it only sees your Ipad if you have it connected to an Airport Express or some comparable device. Also, if your network and/or internet is down, your N10 is also down.
psag, may I please know what DAC you're using with N10?  Also, have you done A/B comparison between USB and AES/EBU or SPDIF connections? 

latik, I'm using a DEQX HDP-4 as my preamp/DAC. I'm using the SPDIF connection. My DEQX does not have USB input, but I have an M2-tech HiFace Evo (USB converter), and I plan to eventually compare the SPDIF with the the M2-tech.
My DAC has one USB, one coax, one optical (and multiple I2S) inputs, with my laptop using the USB.  Thoughts about how the Aurender N10 coax or optical inputs perform?  One better than the other?
I prefer coax over toslink, to my ears coax cable sound transparent and less constricted.