Aurender Conductor App

Is anyone else having a problem with this app? I can't seem to connect, I reached out for support but haven't heard back.


I rebooted several times and deleted and reinstalled the app. It says no connected device and won't accept the IP address, not valid. Xfinity assures me all is fine, rebooted the router. No response from Aurender yet. It was fine yesterday.

My Aurender Conductor App connects perfectly to my Aurender N20 server. I do not understand why yours does not. You have completed the items I was going to suggest. Deleting the Conductor App and re-installing is the best option. I also suggest unplugging your Aurender, wait 2 minutes and restart.

please log a remote request with Aurender. Please keep us posted.

it just could be one of those day I was at Audio Connection today and the Innuos and Auralic apps were glitchy