Aurender A10 vs Teac NT505 vs Lumin T2

Any thoughts out there on how these compare? I am looking for MQA, so that is a must, these all do it. I don’t care about Roon or differences in the interface (they all would work fine for me), just looking for best sound quality. I will use it for internal Tidal streaming and either the internal storage or USB stick for my own files.  They all do it.

Any input is appreciated!
I own a T2 and am quite happy with it. Can you get any of these pieces in home for an audition? The Lumin OS interface is fairly easy to use and very stable. Perhaps other owners of Aurender and TEAC will comment on their GUI experiences. Happy Hunting.
I heard a T2 at a local hifi store and thought it sounded fantastic.  It was in a completely different system from mine, so no way of comparing apples to apples how it compares to my TEAC NT-505.  What I can say is that at less than half the price, the NT-505 sounds fantastic compared to the Bluesound Node 2/Auralic Vega combination that it replaced.  

As far as the app goes, I'm an Android user, and I thought the app sucked.  The TEAC app is basically a re-badged version of the Lumin app.  The Lumin app works with the TEAC also, and that's what I was using.  It would take minutes every time I started the app to "find" the NT-505, which was really frustrating.  I replaced it with BubbleUPnP, which cost $5 for the version with no ads and works wonderfully.
I had them both. All depends on the rest of your setup. What gear are you using?
I’m using the Lumin app without any issues with my Teac NT-505. Works great for streaming Tidal, which is all that I do with it. Fantastic sounding streamer/dac/network player.

benzman, please post your impressions of T2 vs NT-505 if those are the two you were referring to, thanks!
@kren0006 Are you using the Android version or the Apple version of the app?  Could just be some peculiarity of my network, but I experienced the same issues on both my Android phone and tablet.
@big_greg: I am using iOS version of Lumin app, running on iphone.

Never have had any issues with it. In fact, it is more stable than the BlueOS system I run at my office during the day. I never get any dropouts with the Teac NT-505 running Lumin app to stream Tidal, whereas I occasionally do get drops with the BlueOS running on iOS, although to be fair the Ethernet run is longer on that system (25 ft cat 7 Ethernet cable vs the 3 ft cat 7 Ethernet cable I use with the Teac).
I've had zero issues since I started using the BubbleUPnP app which leads me to think it's something with the Android version of the Lumin app, but it could have been something else.  
Loved the micro detail of the Lumin T2 but in my system it was just a little too much of a good thing.  The Aurender A10 sounded a little boring after hearing the Lumin but was listenable long term
Got  rid of both and have a Cary DMS 600 and have best of both worlds. Great player. The Lumin was much harder to sell than the Aurender A10 but that was 6 mos ago and the market has changed. The A10 has been out for over 3 years and prices have dropped considerably
if your system can use a little sparkle the Lumin would be my choice
if it is already leaning towards the brighter side of neutral I would look at something else.