Aurender A-10

Has anyone heard the new Aurender A-10 yet?  It is basically a N100h media player paired with a DAC as a one box solution.  I am curious as to how the DAC section of this piece performs since this seems to be Aurender's first foray into the DAC world.  I was originally going to get the Aurender N100h and an outboard DAC such as the Moon 280D or the Audio Alchemy DDP1.  I'm wondering if the A10 combo will sound just as good???

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The A10 has been out for a while now.  Any owners want to share their impressions.
I too have been considering the A10 after I move my Bluesound Node 2 to another part of our house.  I've yet to hear one but have read all the reviews I could find.  The January issue of Stereophile just published a review of the A10 that is somewhat luke warm.  Another option I am considering is one of the Lumin models...either a used A1 or new T1...or D2.  The Lumins do not have internal hard drive that the A10 does but otherwise seems to be a good sounding player.  Curious if anyone has compared Aurender and Lumin.