Aurender A-10

Has anyone heard the new Aurender A-10 yet?  It is basically a N100h media player paired with a DAC as a one box solution.  I am curious as to how the DAC section of this piece performs since this seems to be Aurender's first foray into the DAC world.  I was originally going to get the Aurender N100h and an outboard DAC such as the Moon 280D or the Audio Alchemy DDP1.  I'm wondering if the A10 combo will sound just as good???

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I listened to every demo of the Aurender A10 at the 2016 Rocky Mtn Audio Festival (three different setups). I really wanted to buy it before I attended the event, thinking it would simplify my system. I came away from the auditions believing that an N100H with a very good DAC would be better for my needs and would sound better. In other words, I ended being underwhelmed by the DAC section of the A10. I have since purchased the N100H and kept my current DAC (which I plan to upgrade in the next year or two after MQA has settled out).
PS: the N10 was definitely better sounding, but of course several thousands of dollars more.