Aurender 5.21.958 update

Anyone have an update listed as 5.21.958 that is not downloading? I attempted it a couple of times and the unit just sits at 1% 


@jl1ny, Glad I was able to help and that it worked.   Congratulations.



rebooted my network and the update worked perfectly!! Thank you sir! 


Thanks for the info...I rebooted the Aurender twice, but give it all a try tonight. 

Go to settings, Help and look for Remote Support Request. 

These problems are frustrating. I suggest you reboot your Router and modem. I also suggest you reboot your Aurender unit (power down and start).

If you still cannot download the software update, please go to your Aurender Remote Request tab (in the settings section) and enter a remote request about your Aurender not down loading the 5.21.958 update.  Please keep us posted.