Auraliti PK100

I'm thinking about using the PK100 to stream FLAC files to my DAC. It's reasonably priced, compact, and can stream "bit-perfect" music files without the frills. Does anyone have experience with the PK100, or Auraliti for direct sales and service? Their website has limited info and they have not been responsive to emails.
" ...they have not been responsive to emails."

If so then forget about them. Too bad as design seem to me superb - I prefer PK90 over PK100...but if company does not respond on simple inquiry then its "huge red flag" in my book.

I was planning to e-mail to them soon and I will do it probably tomorrow and will report results here
I just got a PK90. I also e-mailed them numerous times and always got a response from Ray. Sometimes it was quick, and sometimes a few days. Everything A-OK with these guys, I just think they are busy, and are a very small company.
The PK90 works great, but I can't give you a review as I also got a new DAC and cables at the same time. Bottom line: I like it, and it was a good value!
Good to hear about your experience. I know that they're a small start-up company and have limited resources. What's the quality of the power supply? I read previously about a power supply upgrade but I don't see it on their website.

I used a Logitech Touch previously and know that Bolder offers a "Linear" power supply. The stock Touch is good (for it price) but didn't improve my digital front-end.
The power supply is a little box that has a wire from each end. One side goes to the wall and the other to the PK90. Quality?, sorry I haven't taken it apart, plus I wouldn't know what I was looking at. I do know it needs 12VDC so maybe you could use a car battery.
A few days ago, I also asked them a few questions - no response yet. May be its too early but still irritating.
Any updates on this? Looks interesting.
I found a user with the Auraliti + Burson Dac. It looks like they work nice together.
I began asking Ray about the PK90 last week. He Promtly answered any quesions i had in a series of emails about the pk90 and the usb to spdif converter. He was quite helpful. They appear to b quite busy at the moment. I am eagerly awaiting my PK90 and converter. i'll give u my impression later.
Renato= Did you get your PK90? Impressions? So far my impressions after waiting almost 4 days for an answer to an email arent very good. I guess they havent done anything to improve their communications....doesnt exactly give a good feeling overall. With the server market heating up lots of companies will be left in the dust that cant even provide the basic services.
Do you guys know about the L1000-USB? sorry if its a bit off topic but it caught my attention.
Same here. An e-mail sent, zero answers. With Fritz speakers happened me the same.

Well, a prospective e-mail looks a good to avoid mistakes.
The l1000 isn't available for sale as far as I know. I was ready to pull the trigger on the PK 90 but after the ignored emails I will pass.
I sent three emails over three weeks without a response. Bummer, because the product seems to be just what I need.
The Auraliti players are very sound.I have a pk-90 and have been waiting 2 months for their new aftermarket power supply which I hear is very good.
Customer service Stinks ,many times emails are a paying customer I should know when the power supplies are being shipped.
Raymond can learn a lot from Brystons excellent customer service.
All we ask is for a solid answer.the site said shipping in Nov that did not happenJan us next week then they go to the C.E,S show .don't ya think maybe you should ship all products owed by the 1 st week of the new year,if not people should complain to Paypal then they would get the message.