Auralic Vega G2 DAC with an Esoteric Master Clock

I curently have the full stack of Aries G2, Vega G2 and Leo GX and they work fantastically. I have just added the Esoteric Grandioso K1 SACD player which is out of this world. I am now thinking of adding the Esoteric Grandioso G1 Master clock to further enhance the performance of the K1. I am thinking whether I can get rid of the Leo as the Grandioso G1 has 4 clock outputs and one of them can be connected to the Vega G2.

Can this work so I can reduce my costs and save shelf space?


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sudhirgoel,  we exchanged a couple of posts in your last thread.  Ahhh, the audiophile waltz.  Please help choreograph each perfect move to audio nirvana!!  I would venture a guess that not one member of this forum has and exact system replica of another.. which makes the quest so intriguing. So many variables, so many choices. That said, most of this comes down to personal preferences, and even personal perceptions (many not even related to audible nuances) that are ultimately satisfying. You seem pretty headstrong in what you want (I get this for myself too) so go for it.  If you are interested in moving your Vega G2 and Leo GX send me a pm.
You may have better luck posting this question on the Auralic forums here......
Yes I did post it on the Auralic forum too and figured out it does not work to connect a non-Auralic clock to the Vega G2. So most DACs require Master Clocks made by the same manufacturer as they are made to different frequencies. 

Daeone - Sorry I am not selling any of my Auralic equipment.
No worries.  Why not consider the upcoming Auralic Sirius G2? Don't know if you are going to do much better feeding the signal from the Grandioso through the Auralic stack.  Spent a little time today scouring for any reviews I could find.  Posted one on the thread I started and read a couple of German reviews.  Unanimous accolades: seems like Auralic is in rarified air and possibly in uncharted territory.  I am definitely leaning their direction.
hi daeone, I will be also buying the Sirius G2 when it launches. The Esoteric and the Auralic have completely different tonal qualities. They are both wonderful equipment

How would you describe the two tonal qualities?
The Esoteric is a tad softer in the volume levels, smoother at the edges and much more personal if u are listenting to music alone in a relaxed mood.

Auralic is louder, sharper sounding and better for parties and louder events.

I think the fatigue factor (FF if I might use it) is higher in thr Auralic. I can listen to the Esoteric for much longer.
Have you done any tube rolling in your Mac pre?  My speakers have AMT tweeters which tend to be on the warm side. I rolled tubes in my BHK pre and knew immediately when I found the right ones.  When I added the Auralic Aries G2 it didn't make my system sound strident at all, just conveyed better resolution, imaging, and separation.  I'm thinking that coverting to a complete Auralic front end will give me more of the same.
No I have rolled my tubes in the Mc. My equipment is all mew and only acquired in the last 2 months. I intend to first use it for a few months without any changes to let all break in. Auralic is a fantastic front end