The list of technical features for this DAC appear to afford it major geek cred; anyone give this an audition yet?
Tried their taurus headphone amplifier..The transformer blew up. Nice design ,QC is shit.
I recently read a couple review on the Vega and was left pretty impressed. Would like to hear from fellow-goners if they have tried or have it in their system.
I sent them a few questions , few weeks ago. No reply
Good buy!

I have a fantastic server by Musica Pristina and "spoiled" by their excellent service, not to mention sound quality.
Been using one for months, it ended my DAC hunt for now. Superb sound. Tried PSD, Mytek, Benchmark and some others. Try to have a listen.
Hi Nsirkin,

What other DACs (the ones you did not mention) did you compare the Auralic against.

Am curious about this DAC myself too. My top contender for now are the NAD M51 and Triode Tube DAC.

I would be interested to know especially how this DAC compares to Wavelength Cosecant.
i would like to hear more about auralic vega also against some of the others out there.
I have been using the Bryston BDA-1 for the last 4 years and just purchased thee Vega. The vega really sounds great and the DSD output is on another level very analog sounding to me