Auralic Aries Mini not connecting...

When it works, it sounds amazing, but I'm starting to get REALLY frustrated with it. I want to hardwire it (have a LAN connection within 4 feet of it) and no matter what I do, it defaults to wireless. I've tried to do a hard reset (middle+right) and nothing really changes. If I connect a computer to the LAN, it works fine, so I know it's not the cable or the connection. 

What the heck can I do to get this darn thing to work? I'm about to take a sledgehammer to it!
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audiojan under Lightning Device>Settings>Network Connection you can choose Wired or Wireless are you checking the Wired box?
Look at this page:

If that doesn't work try posting a message here Auralic is very quick to respond:

And good luck!
audiojan sorry to hear that! My Mini has been operating flawlessly wirelessly and personally a big fan of the Lightning DS app and never had issues with it either. A bit confused thought your saying Lightning is losing connection wired or wireless? If wireless may I ask what band your running on? The Mini can run on 5G which is a much less crowded band vs 2.4G.
Are you having buffering issues with Tidal or your own files or both marc202 If it's just Tidal that's a known Tidal issue not the Aries.