Auralic Aries Mini not connecting...

When it works, it sounds amazing, but I'm starting to get REALLY frustrated with it. I want to hardwire it (have a LAN connection within 4 feet of it) and no matter what I do, it defaults to wireless. I've tried to do a hard reset (middle+right) and nothing really changes. If I connect a computer to the LAN, it works fine, so I know it's not the cable or the connection. 

What the heck can I do to get this darn thing to work? I'm about to take a sledgehammer to it!
audiojan under Lightning Device>Settings>Network Connection you can choose Wired or Wireless are you checking the Wired box?
Yes, but when I chose wired, it disconnects completely and then defaults back to wireless within 10 minutes.
I finally got the darn thing to connect wired. Reset the entire network, but got it to work. The Auralic Lightening App is a real piece of sh*t though... keeps crashing and losing the connection despite the router being in the next room and full signal strength.

I'm about to get rid of it and get something that actually works. I do love streaming Tidal, but the Auralic is just not stable enough to let me enjoy it.
audiojan sorry to hear that! My Mini has been operating flawlessly wirelessly and personally a big fan of the Lightning DS app and never had issues with it either. A bit confused thought your saying Lightning is losing connection wired or wireless? If wireless may I ask what band your running on? The Mini can run on 5G which is a much less crowded band vs 2.4G.
Hey, I know this is an older thread, but did you end up keeping your Aries Mini or did you get rid of it and get something else? I ask because I'm having a lot of problems with crashes and buffering with the Mini, even when it's hooked up via Ethernet. 
No, still have it. I figured out what the problem was. I was using a AQ Jitterbug on the USB and that caused it crash. Once I removed it, it has been very stable and works just fine.
Are you having buffering issues with Tidal or your own files or both marc202 If it's just Tidal that's a known Tidal issue not the Aries.