Auralic Aries Mini..... How much? wow

Must be gaining an early 'classic' status.
I was just browsing on the net because I have not seen hardly any of the Aries Mini come up for sale secondhand,
and I stumbled across this.

Wow! I know they are hard to find but you can buy the new Aries G1 for that price. That is nonsensical and I would hope in error. And more incentive to keep mine!
Clueless pricing. I think it's actually more than it was new several years ago!
Retail was $550 and I picked up mine as a demo for $450.
Those that have a Mini must be extremely happy with them. 
didn't you know?...these are like 1982 classified Bordeaux...improving with age.
@three- that's a place in France isn't it?  lol