Auralic Aries internet connection issues

Is anyone else having problems staying connected to the internet using an original Aries? My firmware has both 4.1 and 5. Regardless which one I use I can't get on. This started sporadically at the beginning of the summer and since the middle of August, nothing.

I am very frustrated.
This happened to me a few times, but not often.  My theory is The connection becomes stale, and a new connection is needed,  The way to ensure this is to  disconnect power from Aries, and plug in again after 30seconds.  I reset the router too, just in case.

i also find that connections drop like crazy when my mobile device has not applied a pending iOS upgrade.  Could be something gone bad between the new controller device software and new OS that requires unloading the controller from memory, and then reloading to refresh connections and integration with the underlying iOS functions.