Auralic aires / aires mini

Has anyone tried or heard either of these two streamers?  Sounds intreging if they sound good.....



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I tried the Aries for about a week, but was unable to get it to work.  You need to have a 5G wireless network from what I've read.   I'd look elsewhere... Squeezebox Touch & Sonos are proven platforms that work.   
Love the Sonos interface but not sure about the new course they are steering towards.

I was able to source one for a customer because he wanted the DSD capabilities. It seems like quite a good piece. However, if you don't need DSD and are good with 24/192 PCM, you should really consider the Bluesound Node 2. Disclosure: we are a Bluesound dealer.
Thanks for the info....
I was unaware that you needed a 5G network with the aires.
Obviously I need to learn more about the sonos and bluesound. Anyone know what digital outputs they have?

I would rather be lucky than good any day. I don't know anything about my internet service except that comes through my cable service, and I'm not a techy. My Aries was easy to set up, sounds fantastic into my Wyred4Sound DAC, and works great with my Macbook and iPad. I do not listen to anything anymore except Tidal through the Aries. First the first time in years I have nothing on my wish list.
5G refers to 5th generation telecommunications wireless standards used in mobile phones.
Aries works fine on non 5G networks. Check Auralic website for wifi speeds needed.