Auralic Aeries and Air Play Question

I have an Auralic Aries, been using it as a suitable replacement for my squeezebox touch. Been very happy with its performance, but I think I have an operator error that I hope someone can help me with. I can stream Pandora to the Aries from my iPhone via AirPlay with no issue. I have an iPad Air 2, which will connect to the Aries via AirPlay, but no sound.....switch back to the iPhone and there is sound. 

I need the the second source for Pandora for my wife when I am not home. Any help is appreciated.
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So I did some more testing, and have been able to confirm the following:

To ensure that there is not a problem with the IPad, I tried multiple apps that support air play and it still does not work from the ipad to the Aries.

I have confirmed that airplay works from ipad on a different system with a preamp that is airplay ready.

Note that I am engaging airplay directly from the apple device and not going through Auralic's source selection.

 Anyone else having this issue? I really need this to work from the ipad, so my wife can use it when I am not home with my IPhone.

I have also submitted this question with Auralic.


Technical ineptitude at its best! 

I had the ipod muted muted and in turn AirPlay was technically " muted" so no volume.....

apologies for for this post