Auralex SubDude

Anyone using the Auralex Acoustics SubDude underneath their powered subwoofer?

According to the web site:
"Its purpose is to prevent sound from transmitting through your subwoofer to surrounding surfaces."

Does the SubDude really work as advertised?

What sonic benefits have you experienced?
I have the ASC Subtrap which is similar but taller, raises the sub 18'' off the floor. My unit helped tighten the bass and helped with "room boom".
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I've used the Auralex SubDude and Great Gramma with good results under my Velodyne subwoofers.

Here is an older thread where other A'gon members have shared their thoughts on the Auralex SubDude. Seems to be the real deal.

Does it make a difference if the sub is downward or forward firing to get the best results?
I use a SubDude under a Velodyne HGS-15 with the same results Eric reports. I endorse his high recommendation.


The Velodyne subs I used the Auralex SubDude or Great Gramma on were forward firing so I can't help you there with the down firing part of your question. I do know though for the subs I do have I did get good results by putting them on the Auralex iso platforms.
I use it for the downfiring ACI Titan II LE with similar results as everyone else. The only complaint I have is the build quality is a little cheesy but it works.
Jedinite24-thanks for the response. I'm using a downward firing with passive radiator right now and just received my SubDude, i will add my input after i get a feel for the new addition.

Kkm-i agree with you that the build quality is cheesy. My freakin' logo is not even centered! Its about 1 1/2" off. Wow Auralex.
How much is the SubDude?

No problem. I wasn't much help but please definitely share your thoughts on the subdude. I know it helped in my case.


I've seen the SubDude go from $50 to $60 each new from various online e-tailers.

Sometimes you can get lucky on the secondary market and get them for min $25. I used to check CL all the time for Auralex or other room treatments. Sometimes I would luck out.
Thanks for bringing the SubDude back into my consciousness.
I just ordered one from Amazon - $49.95 delivered.

I've used a pair of these under my three-way speakers and I think they're great - a more thorough "decoupling" from the floor than what you'll get with a lot of feet-and-spike arrangements. The sheer height of the subdude also plays a role as far as taming the bass boominess.
I just wanted to bump this thread. I got a Subdude today and stuck it under my Linn Akurate 221 subwoofer. The improvement is immediate and obvious. For the price, everyone with a subwoofer should give it a try. Best $50 I ever spent on audio. I'm going to try their smaller pads under my monitors.
I used two of them under my old speakers because of floor vibration and they worked awesome. Still have one and gave the other to my brother in law because he's a guiatrist and plays some gigs on raised floors. He loves the thing.
I used a similar Auralex Gramma under a Vel DD-15 for a time. It is effective in isolating the room from the sub, but not much good in communicating LF with precision. A Star Sound SP-1 with Audiopoints brass cups gives more delineation in the sub bass region and reduces muddiness that cabinet resonances will otherwise introduce into the upper bass and midrange.
Interesting. I need to do more listening. I think I might experiment by putting some weight on top of the sub to damp the movement a little. I've heard people putting bags of lead shot on top of subs.

On the subject of monitors, has anyone tried the Auralex Mopads? I've read mixed reviews. Some people seem to prefer the Primacoustic recoil stabilizer. Unfortunately, due to decorating factors and a small house, my monitors are on a built-in MDF cabinet. It's extremely solid, but it is coloring the sound somewhat.
Mateored, rather than lead shot, you might try a bag of microbearing steel from eBay or a foundry supply company. I use this inside the enclosure and in an ultrasuede bag placed on top of my modified Merlin VSMs. The Merlin is particularly active with vibration across the top of its cabinet. Microbearing steel is more reactive than lead shot in absorbing vibration and is of course non-toxic.

06-08-12: Mateored
Interesting. I need to do more listening. I think I might experiment by putting some weight on top of the sub to damp the movement a little. I've heard people putting bags of lead shot on top of subs.

Several years ago I got a fairly inexpensive 1x10 powered sub. I felt it could play cleaner. I had a slab of granite I had gotten from a Tandy store (just $20) for leatherworking. I placed the slab on the subwoofer (with a layer of shock-absorbing shelf liner in between) and voila! It made the bass much cleaner and more linear-sounding.
I agree with David and Johnny. IME, adding weight to the top of your sub results in a noticeable improvement in pitch definition and transient response in the bass.

I have my JL Audio sub sandwiched between weights and a platform.

--On top... 40 pounds of weights concealed inside a Bright Star Big Rock platform. Under it...

--A large piece of industrial felt. Under it...

--The sub itself. Under it...

--2" Black Diamond Racing carbon fiber "pucks." Under them...

--3" maple platform. Under it...

--The floor.

The final result looks like this.

I did that in increments, and I heard improvements with each step, including when I placed carbon fiber pucks between the sub and the maple platform, bypassing the sub's soft feet.

I recommend trying something similar, if you're inclined.