Auralex SonoSuede HD 1212 Home Sound Absorption Pa

Auralex SonoSuede HD 1212 Home Sound Absorption Panels I'm looking at this type of Sound panel at the moment for its attractive looks. The panels are 12"x12" 1"thick come 12 to a box and covered with an attractive suede like material in Tan,black and brown or designer colors of your choice. I like to know if anyone has used this or any of the other Auralex products? The pro version received a nice review for its built and ease of instalation. Any feedback would be thankful.
I have not tried these, but I've had excellent results with all other Auralex products I've used. Plus if you send them a drawing and measurements of your room, (they have a special form for this on their website), they will give their acoustic tech's recommendations which have worked well for me.
However, I'd like to note, through exhaustive double blind tests, a professional listening team did not discern audible differences between the tan,black,and brown colors nor did the panels appear to need any break in period and worked great right our of the box.
(Ha! Ha!)
Hope this helps!
P.S. The tricky part is where to place the panels. Be prepared to do lots of listening or have a RTA at your service. Proper placement will provide significant upgrades to the sound of your room. Have fun!