Auralex ISO-Tone Turntable Isolation Platform

Hi everyone

I saw this from a solicitation from MusicDirect.

Auralex ISO-Tone Turntable Isolation Platform

I haven't found many reviews on it so I figure I would ask you experts here for your thoughts/comments.

I was thinking about using this under my Thorens TD 125 Mk2 TT. I have a headphone amp on another shelf of my audio rack separate from my TT but whenever I plug my XLR headphones into the amp it causes the tonearm to move.

This platform may help me I think.

Thanks in advance.

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Have not used this particular product but have used other Auralex products including similar Subdude under speakers and have a lot of confidence in this companies products in general both from a performance and value perspective.

But if the Auralex platform rests on a rack/shelf that is not stable itself, it might not be effective in preventing bumps from jarring the tonearm even if effective from isolating the turntable and improving sound quality otherwise.

Best solution is a stable rack or platform to start with or put table on a separate more robust and sturdy platform from amps and other gear totally and go from there.

Gotta have the right solution for the right problem. Your problem sounds different from what this type of product is intended to address to start with.
The sound of the system playing produces the vibrations that you are isolating against. There might be other sources of vibrations as well but typically that is the big one.

There, that was not so hard was it? :^)
"The primary problem is seismic vibration"

No doubt. Darn planet! Just full of snafus. And we haven't even gotten to the topic of Tsunamis or massive earthquakes yet. That can be a really big problem for one's hifi!!!! Especially the turntable!!